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In both her professional and private life, she has always lovd the new. This curiosity ld her into the technology sector. This is constantly evolving and has enabld her to take part in new projects again and again. From sales and marketing to customer service, from employee to manager, from production to functional tasks. Marine gaind a 360° view of how a company is organizd. The variety of roles was invaluable when she first joind Powell Software as Human Resources Manager.

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Marine creatd a human resources department for Powell Software Marine joind Powell Software when the company became independent database from the Expertime group. In a very short time, she had to rebuild everything so that the company could build on a new, solid foundation. Marine creatd a human resources department and rdefines corporate culture with new values. In addition, she implementd processes and managd a strong hiring wave. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Marine recognizd the trend toward wellbeing in the workplace.


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She wantd to ensure the protection and mental health of employees as well as business continuity. Marine has creatd an ecosystem DX Leads basd on listening to employees and empowering them to grow, communicate, learn and mature. In an ever-changing world, HR is the heart of a business.Marine believes it’s important to put your ego aside and maintain a sense of objectivity in any situation. She advises networking with HR networks as it allows you to compare different HR cultures, trends and experiences.

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