Previously, they could be generate base on sources (for example, a downloade list or VK Advertising pixel data) or importe from the myTarget account. Now you can use the audiences and lists of users that other VK Ads advertisers have collecte, as well as share your own. Exchange is convenient if: you have several accounts in VK Advertising with different audiences; you work with partners and want to launch on each other’s audience or exclude these segments so as not to show ads to those who have already seen it; external contractors are involve in the launch of advertising campaigns – in this case.

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It is safer to provide access to selecte audiences than to provide full access to the account. The update is available for direct advertisers of VK Ads. You can share an audience or list with any number of users. The account to which access is grante will Latest Mailing Database reflect the presence of the segment and it will be possible to select it for targeting. How to share an audience 1 On the Audiences tab, select the audiences or user lists you want to grant access to. Click “Share” and select “Private key” or “Public key” in the window that opens. The private key provides access only to the cabinets that you specify.

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With a public key, all users to whom you send a link key will be able to get access. 2 Click Save. The specifie users will receive a link key by e-mail. You can also copy the generate key and send it to the user personally. Audience sharing is secure: When DX Leads access is generate, the original data is not transferre to another account, so users will not be able to view the content, copy, eit or transfer the access to someone else. The owner sees all accounts that have been grante access to the list or audience — the current number of accounts and their IDs are displaye on the dashboard. You can close access to an audience or list at any time.