Automatic creation of a video creative in VK Ads Automatic creation of a video creative in VK Ads Automatic creation of a video creative in VK Ads Base on them, three variants of video creatives will be automatically generate – they will be displaye in the “Video” block. Each of the create creatives can be eite: add another image, replace it, crop it, choose another video template. In advertising, you can use any version of the video offere by the platform. An example of a video creative generate in VK Ads The tool allows a business to create an unlimite number of video creatives.

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Without involving a designer and without using additional software. At the same time, video creatives are create in real time, which makes it possible to quickly launch an advertising campaign.Promote communities, posts and products whatsapp mobile number list on VKontakte VK Advertising exits the beta testing period and opens up great opportunities for promoting business and copyrighte content VKontakte 02 February 2023 A new advertising object has become available in VK Advertising — the VKontakte community. The update has already been teste by more than 6,000 communities: according.

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The test results , VK Advertising algorithms can reuce the cost of a target action by an average of 70% — for example, attract a new subscriber or increase reactions to a post. By interacting with users of social networks, a business can not only talk DX Leads about its product in detail, but also form an audience of regular customers, stimulating new and repeat purchases. With the VK Advertising platform, community owners – businesses and content authors – can quickly launch effective advertising campaigns to attract subscribers or increase engagement. High advertising results are achieve through ML-models that optimize the display of ads for the selecte target action.