Our experts support clients in the transition to the “new normal”. A partner-centric company with high ROI Powell Software is a partner-first company. We rely on a global network of digital workspace partners who advise and deliver Powell Software solutions to over 400 customers.Today we count 70 active partners around the world, covering 35 countries on all continents. Our customers benefit from the immense experience of our partners in working with companies of all sizes in their digital transformation. The partners in turn benefit from a high ROI.

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With Powell Software, our affiliates can generate up to $3.5 in additional service revenue for every $1 of a Powell license. Starting with phone number list consulting, design and integration to managd services and change management. Powell Software Partner Program Providing better solutions for the digital workplace Our mission is to help companies do their best – through our modern digital workspace solutions that combine communication and collaboration tools. In addition, they should encourage their employees to do their best and connect.

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To achieve our goal, we continuously increase our investments and resources in our powerful partner ecosystem. Partner & Certification DX Leads Program 2021. That’s why our new affiliate program, including our certification program, was finally releasd and rolld out in July 2021! The partner program has two goals: Development of an optimizd and structurd partner program with valuable give-and-gets. Industrialize our support for our ecosystem with ready-to-use marketing, readiness, and certification resources. The last few months have also been characterizd by the introduction of new instruments and processes.