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What else should you consider ? Switching to the modern UI isn’t always the best or only option. SharePoint intranets built in the modern UI can still fail. In detail, this means that the intranet may not fulfill its purpose or the expectations of the users, or it may not solve the right problems. You should ask yourself the following questions if you want to create a better intranet when moving from the classic to the modern interface. Will my SharePoint intranet be attractive and user-friendly.

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How can I focus on end user and business neds? Is the experience of the contributors matchd to the different skill levels? Will every whatsapp mobile number list department benefit from the intranet? Is it easy for employees to find what they are looking for? Don’t know where to start when answering these questions? Then we have the right guide for you . How To Build An Effective Intranet With The Move To SharePoint Online! By downloading the eBook you will learn the following : Why it’s time to move from SharePoint on-premise to online and switch from classic sites to the modern experience.

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Why traditional SharePoint intranets fail and how to make your intranet successful. How Powell Intranet can help you create an intranet in  SharePoint Online that lets you make the most of the modern experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has DX Leads undoubtdly changd the way companies do business. Many of them have facd supply shortages, government-mandatd shutdowns and drastic downsizing. With all the new challenges to overcome, many organizations are unsure of what the new “normal” will look like in the future. However, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: that flexible working is necessary.

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