The key to local SEO data is in its name

A few crucial elements of GA4 impact overall local SEO reporting across these dashboards: the Organic Search filter and Thresholding. ‘Organic Search’ filter For most reports in GA4, we’ll need to filter to organic search results using the Add filter feature at the top of the dashboard. Add filter A filter column will appear on the right side of the dashboard. Depending on whether sessions or users are preferred, we’ll choose Session default channel group or First user default channel group as the filter. Select exactly matches, check Organic Search, and then click Apply.

Through these key reports in GA4

A local SEO practitioner should regularly analyze information about organic user locations, behaviors, and landing pages accessed from search results. , we can review organic data DB to Data that reflects key local behaviors: Demographic details Traffic acquisition and user acquisition Landing page Library (custom reports) Explore However, none of these reports are perfect. Each report poses flaws and challenges that complicate our data. I’ll include troubleshooting tips and context for each report to ensure the data analysis is as helpful as possible.

But how do you find these gaps in Google

DB to Data

Good luck out there. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. The key to local SEO data is in its name – it’s local. Without it, a DX Leads campaign may not receive crucial insights to adjust its central strategy. If you’re targeting Manhattan, N.Y., but 80% of your users are visiting from devices in Brooklyn, N.Y., you’re missing something.  Analytics 4? Insights previously accessed through Universal Analytics are scattered across several dashboards in GA4, with new processes on the platform for filtering and accessing local data. Additionally, certain settings and configurations must be enabled to ensure local data collection.

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