Google is a business and they are publicly traded. Which means removing ads is impossible. They have no other choice but to profitable. Of course. The way advertising works will change a lot. You currently pay cost per ad click (CPC). You then boil it down to cost per acquisition .CPA and model it from a profit-loss perspective. If it’s profitable, you’ll be willing to spend more. Or at least try to get more clicks. Conversely, you’ll reduce the amount you spend per click if it’s not profitable. It is highly likely that Google will completely switch to a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model. This makes it easier for Marketers to execute campaigns and create better user experiences. 

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Currently, the way search queries do not work according to. But this can be considered a Asia Mobile Number List stepping stone for new changes, like the Google Knowledge Graph (Google knowledge graph). However, this is not a big change. The important point is that Google will facilitate transactions. Transact right on Google Transactions will be processed right on. Google whether you buy a pair of shoes or book a plane ticket. In other words, why would you go to a website to buy. A pair of shoes when Google can show you the shoes you want based on. What they know about you and you can do it with just one click? They understand your shoe size, the color you like, and even understand whether. You need wide or narrow shoes or whether each brand. You like will have a different size chart.

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There isn’t too much information about this project yet. Below are a few details that have been revealed. Read DX Leads more: How will Marketers spend money in 2023? Tik Tok banned? There is Lemon8 – Instagram’s new competitor Search like Chat interface. Chat like Interface Google wants future search to be more like a conversation similar to GPT chat. Imagine, you ask a question to a person and receive an answer. Or think about how you would interact with a smarter version of Alexa. A tool that can learn from past conversations with you. As well as quickly learn while you ask questions. That’s the logical thing to look for.