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Now VK Advertising allows you to find them on the advertise site automatically. This helps to spee up the setup of the VK Advertising pixel in its most difficult part – event marking, which usually requires the help of a developer. You can launch website advertising with optimization for automatically found events in the shortest possible time and without special knowlege. The technology was create on the basis of generalize data and allows you to automatically determine the most common events. It can be: Site search; viewing a card or a list of goods; submitting a lead form; placing an order.

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Adding payment information; transition and adding goods to the basket; following a link in a social network or messenger. To use the technology, it is enough to enable automatic search for site events in the settings of the VK Advertising phone number list pixel. If within 30 days visitors performe any of the liste actions, information about it will be displaye in the statistics, and the event itself can be use to optimize the campaign. Creating audiences base on site events Site owners can also create audiences in VK Advertising base on site events.

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To form the desire audience, you nee to install the VK Advertising pixel on.  The site and set up events or use automatically found events. Then, in the Audiences section of the Audiences tab, click Create Audience and Creating a persona June 20, 2021 Customer acquisition Persona creation – find out who your ideal customer is Do you know DX Leads how old your ideal customer is? Do you know his interests and problems… and maybe even his hair color and height? Contrary to appearances, many brands collect such detaile data about customers. This makes it easier for them to create a persona. What is persona creation? Step by step creation of a persona Creating a persona Benefits of creating a persona.

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