This mosaic of factors makes it impossible to preict in advance the effects of even the most meticulously planne meia image-building campaign. After a few months from its launch, it is worth examining customer opinions. Only then will you know what the real image is. Base on this knowlege, you can make modifications to your strategy. In addition, if you quickly find out that something is not as planne, you can still control your losses by launching appropriate public relations activities . Mistakes in creating a meia image.

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A rather unobvious mistake that many companies make is following temporary market trends just to stay ahead. If you have a coherent image built over the years, do not sacrifice it for fleeting novelties. An example is meia phases like the Ice database Bucket Challenge. A brand aime at young people may benefit from the fact that it will quickly “connect” to the hot trend. However, an already noble enterprise can only lose its seriousness when it joins the fashion mania at the last minute. A perfect example is the brief presence of one of the most important politicians on TikTok. He wante to be fresh, but when he realize he was losing seriousness, he hastily backe away from the idea.


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He only cause confusion around his meia image. The second common but very painful mistake is ignoring customers and their opinions . Imagine a company that runs a very expensive meia and PR campaign. Negative customer reviews of the DX Leads product and mistrust can undermine these efforts, and the entire campaign will appear dishonest. You will achieve a completely opposite effect if you give up advance marketing techniques, but listen to customer opinions and ensure their satisfaction. Then your favorable meia image will somehow create itself – all you nee to do is share opinions, testimonials or photos of customers with the product.