This drink with a natural orange color gives off notes of bread of the dead, vanilla and pineapple. Guillermina Garcia Guillermina Garcia NOVEMBER Share Mexico . The Macallan launches its special Day of the edition,Distil Your World México . A single malt that com accompani by a work of art Job Function Email Database  inspir by element that define this tradition. It is the  releas in the series of limitedition . whiskey and gastronomi creation that explore iconic plac the world. Made by Diane Stuart, Whiskey . Maker at The Macallan in collaboration with the Roca brother, owners of El Celler de Can Roca.

A packaging that captur the tradition of the Day of the

Nam Best Restaurant in the World. The single malt that defin the character and spirit of this vibrant custom, and pays tribute to the spectacular Mexican culture. Its striking completely natural orange tone, similar to that of the marigold flower. In addition, it gives off captivating notes of sugary bread of the creamy vanilla and sweet pineapple. We recomme Tequila Don Ramón stands out for the fine DX Leads design of its handmade bottle This special edition is inspired by the documentary Distil Your World México. Photo: The Macallan The Macallan Distil Your .