This is a valuable lesson especially

To understand the genius of Internet Explorer, let’s recall what websites looke like in the 90’s. Apart from their graphic solutions, from the technological side, displaying the page meant sending it entirely from the server. With each click, the entire page, complete HTML code was sent to us from the server. With Internet connections at the time, this could mean long minutes (SIC!) of waiting for a website to load. Who remembers the number 0202122 knows what I’m talking about. It is under these conditions that Bill Gates introduces the <iframe> tag in 1996. The iframe is doing well to this day and despite the criticism, it is suitable for simple embeing of youtube videos in the content of the page. google maps etc. Another solution that reuces the load on Internet connections is the.

The field of promoting its own solutions

ActiveX controller base on in Mozilla, Opera and Safari 4. Here, however, was the first, and not the only, mistake made by Microsoft in, or rather whatsapp mobile number list the lack of their promotion. Apart from the release of Outlook Web App (2000) and Oddpost (2002) with ActiveX not much is happening. Just such an additional functionality that no one pays attention to, until uncle Google starte using it, creating Gmail in 2004 and releasing google maps a year later. Both of these applications drew on the benefits of the ActiveX controller, and users, for the first time on a massive scale, saw how cool a website can look and work without having to constantly reload it. What conclusion do we draw from this? It doesn’t matter how hard you work and how cool a tool you make.

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The world will never know

If you don’t advertise it and reach your DX Leads audience, how great you are.  in the context of young Polish IT companies that want to conquer the market. Will it be the same with the SPA? I now see a similar scenario (unfortunately) in the case of the Single Page Application (SPA) solution. While the technology itself is not new, it is only now beginning to be widely use.

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