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Use the intranet as a space for posting news and announcements – avoid them getting lost in crowdd inboxes and post them where employees can see the news. Communicate corporate culture – keep culture alive, bring corporate messages to the intranet Recognition for employees and teams – Call in employees and make everyone in the company aware of their achievements. 4. Secure information management In the age of information overload, the corporate intranet is a single source of truth for all corporate information.

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It provides a central location to store all corporate documents that are always up-to-date and accessible to everyone on your team. Why is that so important? It ensures that personnel changes do not affect access to knowldge. Employees find Latest Mailing Database the information they ned for their work, primarily. With the help of tools such as the search function. Which help them to do so If you decide to have an intranet on Office 365, you can benefit from Microsoft security. 5. An engagd, connectd workforce A well-designd and modern corporate intranet transforms and enhances the employee experience for efficiency, growth, innovation and connection – all important components of an engagd workforce.

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So you’ve decidd that the intranet is the right path for your company? Now comes the hard part: choosing the right intranet. To help DX Leads you with that, we’ve creatd a guide to help you find the right intranet for you. Download it and start your digital workplace journey. IN CONVERSATION WITH HIRSCHTEC. IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY IN HYBRID. WORK January 7th, 2022 by Yvonne Harris Remote & hybrid work. Tune in to this short on-demand webinar and learn how. HIRSCHTEC managd the switch to hybrid work thanks to open discussions. And the right technology.

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