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A few years later, in December , the idea of ​​another portal appear. Which was launch in May . This time, however. The focus was on business relations. The creator of the portal is a former PayPal employee who invit several of his colleagues from this company to create the system. Initially. LinkIn did not gain much popularity and did not make a profit until. When Wall Street brokers began using the portal. The portal began to achieve its first revenues mainly from. The sale of advertising space for job advertisements, and Hoffman decid to bring Jeff Weiner from Yahoo to the position of CEO. Who was the author of a strong business model bas on the recruitment industry.

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LinkIn is often call Facebook for Business, and many of its functions in the eyes of users boil down to looking for job offers. In August , the site reach million users, and a few years later, in April , million. During the period of building its current reach, LinkIn has made several interesting acquisitions, and the most phone number list recognizable brand is SlideSare, acquir in . A breakthrough in the development of the portal took place in , when the giant Microsoft announc the acquisition of LinkIn for USD . billion, thus giving new strength for further development.

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In December  the portal report that they already had million users. [ ] The power of LinkIn what is the main goal of the portal? It is an international portal that is us to build and maintain business relationships This is our virtual business  card (both personal and company ) It brings together various professional DX Leads groups, and we, as users, have easy access to them It facilitates the search for a job or business contacts It can act as a CRM (more on that in the section on Social Selling) What can LinkIn be us for.

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